Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I Saw the Glass falling.

I Saw the Glass falling.

On the day I saw the Glass falling, we three friends watched a movie till afternoon and sat at an eat out for lunch. We waited for our turn that afternoon, to be seated late in the lunch hours.

This waiter was in a hurry to take the order, that pleased us as we also were too hungry..

He almost completed to take order as he picked the menu card, I was watching very clearly like my eyes same as a high speed camera, I would also say.. I could break that moment of less than a second in many nano seconds, as I saw the clear glass of water slanting just in front of me,the waiter taped the edge of the tip of the glass, the glass is leaning towards the right and towards me, water level loosing alignment with the mouth of the glass, and still closely aligned with the table for a few nano seconds with the position of the glass so unconventional, that can be defined as falling glass.. then at the brim the water just fell on the table, pouring it out spread on the table and then I move to get off to chair, so that water does not spill over me, the glass fell.

As I watched this with no action, I said to my friends, "I watched it falling", and I said again, "I watched it falling and could have just held the glass, and but then I did not naturally respond some how.." is was I said in the next few moments.

I just had to move my hand forward, like in any sport to stop that happen, later, I practiced it many times in my imaginations to move the hand forward as if the glass was falling away and I stopped.

I am now watching in those split seconds many such moments, that can be better.. wanting and ready, to Move!

Later that day, we waited long for the lunch to arrive at the table, all hungry, promting the same watier many times for the food, and was discussing how he would prioritize the servings. One of us said, may be he would anticipate and have learnt to see when a customer would loose calm and served based on who lost calm first! We had to get the food last may be, for the cool guys never lost cool even when most hungry.

What does it feel like to be punched in the center of stomach?

What does it feel like to be punched in the center of stomach? An experience!

Accidents are unpredictable. I hit one almost the most unpredictable way.

More often Accidents are heard, off automobiles, heights, speeds, etc. but not many when on a simple walk.

I Was just walking alone, crossing a road, no automobile hit me. Also, I am a passive person, have no fear of enemies, am not extremely rich or important to have hit by a another man.

I was on the streets, crossing a road, that's when I got hit in my stomach. This was one of those humid afternoon as I waked on the street and approached a divider of a feet high, little more that a feet high, that was also fixed with triangular shaped prism like reflector made of steel.

I carefully watched the road, with no vehicles passed by when I crossed, and I climbed on the one divider with my right foot forward, with my sandals that had a fairly worn out grip. As I climed with all my body weight on the right foot forward, just realizing I am slipping away on the edge of the divider below on my toe , and very consciously and aware that l was falling forward, still confident of nothing bad, and naturally leaning forward to get support on the ground, the accident struck, this was the moment, that I just realized I was hit right in the center of my stomach , with almost like 90 Kgs falling in, not able to believe have met with an accident, was trying to reach the ground with my hands, for a moment I was hanging on the reflector with all my body weight completely, realizing am hit.. hit in the stomach hard enough leaving me with pain and breathlessness, still in the center of the road, I felt some air was suddenly pumped in with pain in the left side of my stomach, and just leaving me out of breath, yet with no panic, and awareness of being hit, pain acutely increasing in no seconds, I pick up the camera bag lying on the ground that I was wearing with the belt on my shoulder until i fell and holding a cell phone with my left hand, I looked to my left to find no vehicles and crossed, with the pain acutely increasing, just wanting to sit down or just breath, right there on footpath, and just few steps away I find a place a bend down in pain, wanting to breath and sweating with in a minute, with a complete hangover, heard not a sound.. feeling light too bright, consciously breathing with thought of emergency, and hoping noting too serious, and the phone in my hand slipping away with no grip. thats when a stranger asked me if I was alright, I could not respond and still with my head down and slowly recovering. I started seeing things around me and was totally tired and exhausted, sweating and in pain although recovering. I stood up and walked by to drink some water and found a juice shop and asked for an orange juice, by the time the juice arrived I was out of that moment, and recalling all this happening in just less than 10 minutes, I had an orange juice felt like the life returned into the body feeling better and recovering.

This incident was so similar as if being punched right in the center of the stomach, and the person would fall down in pain and out of breath, helpless and in left in panic and pain.

Certainly, one factor would have made it worse, Some Threat! I had none.

Later on, I met my physician and got some tablets explaining him of this incident. After a week, was better , with little pain, third week I met friends to play bowling. And now all set for the next game!!